Several things about Winnie the Pooh:

AA Milne’s theft of his son’s imagination, and subsequent family schism.

The first massively merchandised cartoon character  — and the Milne family barely got any money.

Soviet version as part of the Cold War thaw — Disney’s animators reckon it’s better than theirs.

The sign translates to ‘No Entry for Outsiders’, not ‘No trespassers’.

Italian Ultras are more than simple hooligans — they are a family for the misfits, orphans, and the working class.  But often they do good in the community, and are activists for social change.

Yeah, there is always violence. Inter ultras stole an Atalanta fan’s scooter, set it on fire and threw it down the San Siro stands.

Ironically they both wear black and blue stripes.

The Girlie Show was the fictional, feminist comedy show in 30 Rock. It’s creator Liz Lemon struggled against pressure from the uber-capitalist TV executive, who retooled the show to be more profitable, have wider-appeal, and it moved further and further from her original vision.

She was happy with the money though, despite her constant complaints.

Farmers will often nail dead crows to fences, not only to scare away other crows, but also trespassers.

To paraphrase Seinfeld — the proof of humanity’s stupidity is that there is a law to make us wear safety helmets.